Research Development Manager Education and Job Requirements

Research Development Manager Requirements

A research development manager’s work includes coordinating and conducting various stages of a research project to ensure the smooth completion of the same. It requires certain specialized skills and a lot of experience. He faces challenges in his task and that can only be sorted with a great deal of expertise which can be obtained both by academic training and on-the-field experiences. To successfully complete a research project, the research development manager must coordinate between various sectors.

Education requirements:

  • A research development manager must hold a post graduate degree in his field of research. A management degree may add value to his resume. Depending on the field of interest, the degree may vary from a marketing degree to a scientific one.
  • A prior experience in research development management in any accredited laboratory is an added advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • A research manager has to troubleshoot at a moment’s notice. He has to take charge of the overall aim and vision of the project. Every step of the execution and implementation of the project is his responsibility.
  • A number of factors have to be taken into consideration like finance, publicity and client base. These areas will have to be looked into by the research development manager.
  • The candidate needs to have excellent communication skills in order to convey his ideas and convince others involved in the project. Technical skills are an integral part of this job.
  • A research development manager has to interact and bring together various fields or disciplines and adopt a multidisciplinary approach.

These are some of the education and job requirements of a research development manager.

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