Research Consultant Education Requirements

Research consultant is a wide category which is essential to any and every fields of work sphere or general research. The research consultants are basically individuals who have a particular set of skill which elevates their abilities to carry on research pertaining to the respective topics and make analysis there on.

The research consultants are employed by corporate firms for various research forms like market research, customer relations research, pre-product launch research and response research etc.

Besides corporate sector many research consultants can be found in the social or economic sector. All these individuals must have a certain basic level of educational qualifications which makes them fit for research or for research in a certain particular sector. In many cases the consultants are also required to have prior research experience.

Research Consultant Education requirements:

  • A basic high school education from a state accredited institution is an essential.
  • A bachelor’s degree from state accredited institution, where the subject of major differs from field to field but the most common or general ones are economics and statistics etc.
  • A master’s degree with major in a variety of subject options for example business management for most corporate recruitments etc.
  • The individual might also engage in diploma or certificate courses which help develop skills to be employed while carrying on the research.

Research Consultant Degree, Courses and Certifications:

The individuals aspiring to become research consultants can pick form the following list of options, the one which relates to the sector of research the individual wishes to be a part of:

  • Bachelor of Arts- Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, English.
  • Bachelors of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Business Administration- human research, marketing etc.
  • Bachelor of Business Economics
  • Master of Business Administration- Human research, marketing, sales etc.
  • Master of Arts- Economics, Mathematics, Statistics.
  • Master of Science- Operational Research, Statistics, Mathematics.
  • Master of Philosophy- economics, sociology etc.

Research Consultant Qualifications and Training

  • A prior experience of research in the same sector or any other is a prerequisite for many entities. Where it’s not a prerequisite, it is still beneficial.
  • Some prior experience as an assistant researcher is also a requirement for many entities.

Research Consultant Colleges and Universities:

Research Consultant Wages and Salaries:

The salary of an individual employed at the position of a research consultant generally depends on the kind of research, the sector and the purpose of the research. But on an average the annual salary of research consultants varies between $60,000 and $90,000 per year.

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