Research Chemist Education Requirements

Research chemists are those individuals who use their knowledge of chemistry and elements to make scientific innovations, research trends and use them in various fields such as biology, medicine and discovery. Besides dealing with all the elements in the lab, a research chemist’s job is more complex and detailed.

Anyone who wants to be a research chemist must pass certain educational qualifications and then apply for the job. Besides basic elementary education and a degree in chemistry, there are certain other requirements as well for one to become a research chemist.

Research chemists mainly work in labs but may also have a lot of written classroom work to do as well. To know more about the education requirements for a research chemist, you can read the following given information.

Research chemist Education Requirements:

  • A candidate who wants to become a research chemist must first pass the high school diploma in science based subjects.
  • The candidate must then enroll in an accredited college in the Chemistry Hons. Course.
  • The candidate must then enroll in a Master’s level course in Chemistry, biochemistry or biology.

Research chemist Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

Any aspiring research chemist must fulfill the following given course, degree and certification requirements:

  • High school diploma is a must certification to have.
  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma in a science based subject, preferably Chemistry is also a mandatory requirement.
  • Either a short term diploma course or a Master’s course in Chemistry, biochemistry or biology is an added degree requirement.

Research chemist Qualification and Training:

Apart from the formal educational requirements and qualification, a candidate who wants to work as a research chemist must also gain some training and experience in lab work and for this, they can either join as a research assistant under an established research chemist or take up an internship somewhere where they can get lab work experience to carry on the various duties needed to be a research chemist.

Research chemist Colleges and Universities:

Research chemist Wages and Salaries:

The salaries for people working in this field may vary depending upon the level of research conducted, the place of employment and scope of work. But on an average, any person working as a research chemist can expect to earn a median salary of $62566. The scope in this field is wide because there are an increasing number of opportunities for research based jobs in the field of science.

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