Repairman Certificate Requirements

The term repairman is used for those professionals who are capable of carrying out airplanes and aircraft maintenance tasks. Any candidate who satisfies the certification criteria given by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is eligible for the repairman certificate. The credential is issued by FAA and is issued to a candidate for a particular model of aircraft, and the same is mentioned on his certification credential. There are certain basic requirements and eligibility criteria which a candidate must satisfy in order to obtain the repairman certificate.

Requirements for repairman certificate:

  • Any candidate applying for repairman certificate must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The candidate must be able to write, read, speak and understand English in order to obtain the repairman certificate.
  • The candidate must be qualified to perform maintenance tasks on the aircraft or its components.
  • The candidate must be the primary builder of the aircraft.
  • The candidate must satisfy one of the following given requirements:
    • Either the candidate must possess at least 18 months of experience with power plant units or airframes.
    • Or the candidate must possess at least 30 months of practical working experience on power plant units or airframes.
    • Or the candidate should be graduated or pursuing graduation from accredited college in a recommended course. The list of accredited colleges can be obtained from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
    • Or the candidate must complete a formal education and training course acceptable by FAA as the sufficient training for repairman’s education.
  • Although it’s not a mandatory requirement, but letters of recommendation always enhance your chances of getting the certification.
  • One of the mandatory requirements to obtain this certificate, if you are not a primary builder, is that you need to demonstrate your abilities to perform the inspection of the aircraft for its condition. This implies that you need to determine that whether the given aircraft is capable of having safe operations or not.
  • In case the candidate is not a US-citizen, he is required to show his original passport, a detailed statement from his employer highlighting his work experience, the types of maintenance tasks completed with the types of aircrafts on which the tasks were completed. The candidate is also required to submit a recommendation letter from air worthiness authority of the country from where he got his experience.
  • Finally to obtain the certificate you are required to pass three tests organized by FAA – written test, oral test and a practical test.

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