Registered Nurse Training Requirements

Registered nurse training requirements are those skill sets and qualifications that a person interested in a career as a registered nurse must have in order to do her job properly. Nursing is a medical career and a registered nurse has to complete her studies, get practical and theoretical training and then get certified so that she has the right qualifications to work as a nurse.

Once you are a registered nurse you can work in hospital, clinics, nursing homes, retirement homes etc and can also do further specialized courses which will give you more training in a certain type of condition to become, for e.g., a cardiac nurse or pediatric nurse.

What Are The Education Requirements For Registered Nurse Training?

There is more than one approach you can take to become a registered nurse and all of them involve the completion of at least an undergrad course in nursing from a recognized university or college:

  • In high school, it is better if you take subjects like biology, life sciences, anatomy, chemistry, physics, math etc because these subjects will be present in your nursing course too
  • You can do a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing called BSN or get a two-year associate’s degree in nursing called ADN
  • You can also get a diploma from an accredited educational institution and then get licensed to be able to practice

What Courses Are Required For Registered Nurse Training?

  • You will have to get trained in areas like anatomy, microbiology, physiology, nutrition, psychology to name a few
  • All this training will be given by trained professionals and will be supervised so that the nursing student gets hands on knowledge on how to handle patients
  • Students have to work in different departments like pediatrics, the ER, psychiatry, surgery or maternity, besides learning about aspects like long-term care, medical ethics and laws, social sciences, critical thinking etc

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