Registered Dietitian Education Requirements

Any dietitian who has got himself registered or certified is known as a registered dietitian.  The main job of a registered dietitian is to evaluate the nutritional needs of individuals or groups and then make and develop corresponding and suitable nutritional and diet plans for them.  Any dietitian who wishes to become a registered dietitian must first complete a degree program or an internship apart from passing the registration exam.

Any person working as a registered dietitian is employed at hospitals, clinics, nursing home, schools or may be self employed. Their job is to promote healthy eating and eradicating diseases which are caused due to unhealthy eating. To become a registered dietitian, one needs to fulfill certain education requirements. The major requirements are given as follows:

Registered Dietitian Education Requirements

  • An aspiring registered dietitian is first expected to complete high school education from an accredited school.
  • Following this, he/she must complete a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or dietetics. This graduation program may or may not include an internship or formal training.
  • Some individuals who wish to take up higher posts in dietetics can go for post graduate studies in the same field.
  • After this, one needs to pass the registration examination which completes the process.

Registered Dietitian Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are the various courses and certifications that can be taken up by the person who wishes to become a registered dietitian:

  • High school diploma from a recognized school.
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate in nutrition, food science, food service management, dietetics, clinical nutrition etc is a must.
  • Individuals can get a registered dietitian (RD) credential from the dietetics registration authority or the American dietetic association’s commission.
  • RDs must complete a minimum of 75 hours of continuing education every 5 years to maintain the certification.

Registered Dietitian Qualification and Training

After completing graduation, a dietitian is expected to complete a supervised internship of atleast 1200 hours. This internship is enough to provide the necessary amount of experience and training to the candidate and also makes him/her familiar with the challenges related to the field or the job.

Registered Dietitian Colleges and Universities

Registered Dietitian Wages and Salaries

There are several job opportunities for all the individuals who are working in the field of dietetics. The average annual salary of a registered dietitian is $54340 but this may vary depending upon place of employment, experience and education etc.

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