Registered Dietician Education Requirements

A registered dietician must be highly educated in her field as this is a job which requires a sound and scientific base in Nutrition, Human Physiology, and Bio-Chemistry among other branches of knowledge. A registered dietician must also possess sound fundamental education about this specialised branch of study, which can only be obtained through the minimum qualification of a graduation in the relevant stream. A registered dietician must possess excellent academic credentials and they must also pass the strict registration test in order to be able to practice as a licensed dietician. A gruelling internship is also part of the education of a registered dietician.

Apart from a formal education of standard, a registered dietician must also possess other qualifications in order to succeed in her job like planning diets for invalids, recommending nutritional plans to children and the vulnerable and so on.

Registered Dietician Education Requirements:

  • An aspiring registered dietician must have passed high school with excellent marks in the science subjects especially biology and chemistry. This provides the foundation on which the more specialised education of the graduation and post graduation degree will be based on, and hence it is very important that the student has a strong grasp of concepts.
  • A registered dietician must have also obtained a graduation degree in Nutrition or Dietetics. This degree must be supplemented by courses in Biology, Food Management, Clinical Nutrition and Food System Metabolism. It is essential that the graduation programs cover these topics as they will form the key to success at the job for a registered dietician.

Registered Dietician Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A registered dietician must obtain the following degrees and certifications in order to be recognized as a valid license holder:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition or Dietetics
  • Master’s degree [optional] in Nutrition or Dietetics.
  • Certification of Registered Dietician [RD] from the American Dietetic Association’s Commission.

Registered Dietician Education Qualifications and Training:

A registered dietician must be qualified in certain aspects of the job like working with health sector organizations, nutritional assessments, diet chart planning, indentifying metabolic imbalances and so on. This can be obtained through the correct training which comes with years of experience on the job, and knowledge gained from international and national seminars, conferences and workshops of high repute.

Registered Dietician Education Colleges and Universities:

Registered Dietician Education Wages and Salary:

A registered dietician can earn around 50,000 USD per annum in this job.

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