Recreational Therapist Education Requirements

A recreational therapist is a person who provides treatment to people suffering certain illnesses or ailments. The role of a recreational therapist involves improving the mental, physical and emotional welfare of the individuals. The therapist tries to achieve this goal with the help of recreational activities such as singing, dance, music, crafts, games sports etc.

On account of the assistance of the therapist people suffering with extreme stress, anxiety, depression ect are made to feel better by ensuring they get back normal reasoning power. The recreational therapist works in coordination with the medical fraternity for treating related medical problems so that the individual recovers both physically and mentally as well.

Recreational Therapist Education Requirements

  • Candidates should have completed high school to become eligible for admission in related recreational therapy programs.
  • Candidates are required to acquire bachelors degree or higher for taking up the position of a recreational therapist.
  • Depending on the level of certification the candidate has to undertake an internship for a period of one or five years whichever is applicable in recreation therapy.

Recreational Therapist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Some of the degrees and courses that can be pursued by a recreational therapist are provided here below :-

  • Bachelor of Science in recreational therapy.
  • Masters degree in recreational therapy.
  • Bachelors in any field related to psychology, sociology, anatomy and physiology.
  • A one year course in statistics and research methods is advisable.
  • For those candidates who have acquired a bachelor’s degree in any related field can take up certification in recreational therapy.
  • Though not mandatory taking up a certification in CPR is recommended to handle patients if necessary in an emergency situation.
  • A GRE (General Record Exam) qualification and score is mandatory for admission into graduation programs in most colleges.

Recreational Therapist Qualification and Training

Along with educational qualifications and related experience the recreational therapist needs to possess certain essential skills to be able to cope up with the job duties perfectly. Some of the skills that the recreational therapist requires are good communications skills that help communicate with patients effectively, good positive thinking that helps motivate patients for improvement in well-being and lastly be responsible for the health of patients. Apart from this the candidate should obtain practical training to be eligible to practice as a recreational therapist.

Recreational Therapist Colleges and Universities

Recreational Therapist Wages and Salaries

A recreational therapist can earn an average salary of $75,000 per annum which can also go up to $1, 00,000 with higher educational qualifications and experience.

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