Recreation Director Education Requirements

Indulging in recreational activities has been discovered to be an essential part of the human psychology and biology. Recreational activities i.e. activity of leisure, are often done for rejuvenation, enjoyment, pleasure etc. A recreational director is an official who manages such activities. His/ her education should thus be in a field which benefits them in performing at the job. These individuals have to plan, schedule and organize activities for groups or organization, and must be educated enough to meet all these requirements.

The education these individuals seek and acquire must equip them with the knowledge and ability to- plan, then implement and finally manage the implementation of the plan and the security of the individuals participating in the activities.

Recreation Director Education Requirements

  • Holding a high school diploma may suffice as an educational requirement for certain jobs where the scope and management requirement is limited.
  • As the scope of the jurisdiction of recreational director increases, an employer may seek someone with at least a bachelors’ degree in fields relating to recreational activities/ management.
  • Holding a masters’ degree in the fields relating to recreational management may be set as requirements by many.

Recreation Director Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The National Recreation and Park Association support construction of parks and recreational facilities around US. The organization provides certifications and positions in the field. Some certificates are:

  • The Certified Park and Recreational Professional (CPRP)
  • The Certified Park and Recreational Executive (CPRE)
  • The Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO)
  • The Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI)

The individuals may also go for bachelor’s or master degree with the concentration being on recreation, facility management etc.

Recreation Director Qualification and Training

Most director work at variety of recreational facilities, community centers, camps or schools etc. other organizations. The directors are often those who have gained experience in lesser capacity such as an instructor or a counselor etc. It is important to have this first- hand experience of dealing with participant, to gain a better understanding of the basic operations.

Every individual before becoming the recreational director must hold some training experience. The director must be highly organized and detail oriented with keen planning skills, and must draw on their experience to meet the job requirements.

Recreation Director Colleges and Universities

Recreation Director Wages and Salaries

A recreational director may earn salaries ranging anywhere between $31,000 to more than $60,000. The industry in which the individual works, experience, qualifications and skill sets are some of the factors which affect the salary of the candidate.

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