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A receptionist is a professional who is responsible for attending people and phone calls on the front desk of an office or organization. There are no special educational courses designed for receptionist and these candidates can pursue their education in any field. The prospective receptionists must acquire basic knowledge about computers, telephonic routing and of fax & copier machines.

The educational requirements for these candidates are not very specific and they can find job opportunities in any field. For example, if a person is educated in medical stream, they can find receptionist job opportunities in hospitals, health centers, clinics etc. But these candidates must gin administrative skills through their education which will prove very beneficial during their job.

Receptionist Education Requirements:

  • The candidates who are looking forward to attain their professional career as receptionist must pass high school or equivalent education.
  • Then they can enroll for higher education in the form of associates or bachelor’s degree in any stream.
  • The mandatory requirement for these candidates is to possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Receptionist Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

To find the job opportunities in the field of reception, one must consider following degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Associates or bachelor’s degree in any subject of your interest
  • Short term courses in computers, word processing, MS-office suite, telephone operations etc. can also be beneficial for prospective receptionists.

Receptionist Education Qualification and Training:

Along with formal training in the field of their interest, these candidates need to possess certain other qualities in order to attract employers through their profile.

These candidates must possess excellent interpersonal skills and their voice should be very pleasing. These candidates must also exhibit professional decorum, and must be courteous while speaking.  They must also possess working knowledge of various electronic machines like fax, computer, multi in and out line telephone, intercom, copier etc.

These candidates must also possess very pleasing personality and one more expected requirement from these candidates is that they will attend the people with extreme politeness and will also listen actively to them. They must also possess good working knowledge of various administrative computer software, internet and office software.

Receptionist Education Colleges and Universities:

Receptionist Education Wages and Salaries:

A receptionist works at very basic level in the administrative section of an organization, hence the average salaries for these candidates vary between $25,000 – $32,000 per annum depending on their skills and dedication.

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