Radiology Technician Education and Job Requirements

Radiology Technician Requirements

A radiology technician works for a private hospital or a public medical institute or medical center. He/she monitors the x-ray machines and diagnoses the ailments of the patients. The radiology technician also has the responsibility to manage other scanning machines and equipments and assists the supervising doctors in locating the ailments of the patients. He/she is also required to have expertise in imaging techniques and related applications. The details given below would indicate more about the education and job requirements for the post of a radio technician.

Education Requirements:

  • A high school degree in science stream with top grades.
  • A bachelor’s degree in medicine from a reputed university with first class honors.
  • A master’s degree in medicine from a reputed university with first class honors and radiology as specialization will be an added advantage.
  • Certified training in radiological applications.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum experience of at least 2 years in the medical sector.
  • Should have expertise to perform extensive radiological tests to diagnose various ailments in the patients’ bodies.
  • Must be aware of all the technical details of X-ray and related scanning equipments.
  • Should be able to clearly interpret the results of the tests and document those.
  • Must be very punctual at work.
  • He should be patient and have good communication skills.

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