Radiology Assistant Education Requirements

Radiology assistants are radiographers who have accomplished certification requirements and additional training. Radiology assistants perform advanced   diagnostic procedure and they also, work under the direct supervision of senior radiologists. To become a radiology assistant one should complete high school studies. A candidate to become a radiology assistant should have degree, which is given by (ARRT).

A post-baccalaureate certificate with master’s degree will add to the resume of a radiology assistant. A person applying for radiology assistant must complete master’s level programs that include a thesis as well. This profession might require continuing education credits to continue employment. Main courses for radiologists include clinical radiology, medical ethics, diagnostic testing, pharmacology, etc. Role of a radiologist is very challenging and might require long hours of work at times.

 Radiology assistant Education Requirements:

  • High school education should be completed.
  • Radiology assistant degree should be completed.
  • Masters degree should be attained.
  • Post-baccalaureate studies should be completed to become an Radiology assistant
  • He should also, pass an exam to get Registered Radiologist Assistant (RRA) certificate that is issued by ARRT.

Radiology assistant Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A person planning to take up the profession of radiology assistant should complete below given courses and degrees

  • Radiology assistant degree by ARRT – 3 years
  • Masters degree in radiology- 2 years
  • Registered Radiologist Certification (RRA) by ARRT.
  • Certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Approved license by American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT).

Radiology assistant Qualification and Training:

Radiology assistant can add to his qualifications, by taking training on radiology. In training they work with a radiologist and perform and assist senior radiologist. In this way they can get exposure to live cases. Training also, includes usage of sophisticated equipment’s while doing radiology. Observation of images, making preliminary judgments regarding image is part of training. Radiology assistant are also taught how to take medical images, using X-rays, CT, radio-graphs and radioactive substances. Radiology assistant are taught to treat and cure diseases by radiation technology. Training program and internship is important for this profession as they can gain a lot of experience out of this.

Radiology assistant Colleges and Universities:

Radiology assistant Wages and Salaries:

A radiology assistant earns somewhere around $90,076 to $150,615. However, this might increase or decrease depending on one’s experience, job profile, ability, sincerity, dedication and location. This can also, depend on the company or clinic he is working with.

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