Radiologist Training Requirements

The professionals who are working in the field of radiology as called radiologists. Radiology courses are available in top medical and biomedical colleges and universities in the United States. Candidates can attend training and certifications according and up to the level their desire. At the entrance levels, candidates just need to complete 1-2 year training. For higher level of work, candidates must cross 5 years of certification study. Applying for apprenticeships in hospitals would be of great help. These will provide the necessary practical training and would allow the candidates to apply the concepts well. Candidates should be able to execute their role and responsibility well as a radiologist after completing the below given certifications and education.

What are the education requirements for Radiologist training?

  • Students should take up courses in radiology which are available in the form on Bachelor Studies in Radiology Sciences, AAS in Radiography, Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering Technology, and Associate Studies in Electro neuro-diagnostic Technology, among others.
  • Most of the colleges are universities conducting these courses have residential teaching models wherein the students stay at the college campus and complete their studies. This gives students an opportunity for full time learning and practice.
  • Certificate courses are also available in Cardiovascular Sonography, Certificate in Surgical Technology, etc.
  • Certifications should be from institutes that are recognized by American Board of Radiology.
  • Full time courses and certification courses in radiology cover subjects like imaging techniques, diagnostic techniques, radiology methods, ultrasound techniques, etc.
  • Candidates should know computer studies well as most of the output from the radiology tools are fed into computers and analyzed on them.

What are the other requirements needed for Radiologist training?

  • To get a license to start working as a radiologist, candidates should have the cross the related written examinations and interviews. Candidates should have to display their knowledge in front of senior radiologists in the interview stage.
  • Various levels of examinations are conducted for different level certifications in radiology. After completion of training for one year, candidates must appear for the aptitude examinations.
  • After 24 months of training, candidates would become eligible for taking the examination that test the candidate’s knowledge and application of concepts in physics.
  • After 36 months of training, examinations on chemistry and clinical examination are conducted.
  • After a candidate crosses all these three stages, candidates are shortlisted for the interview phase.
  • Candidates are expected to be in continuous learning mode even while working in the field of radiology. Higher expertise will call her higher level of certification.

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