Radiography Course Requirements

Radiography refers to the science of use of x- rays (or some other rays) to view the insides of a material or more correctly a non- uniformly composed material like a human body. With help of the rays (more specifically the physical properties of the rays) an image of the respective material can be developed. The peculiarity of the use of science of radiology is that the images can be developed of materials with different densities and compositions.

Because of the nature of the rays used and the materials involved all those dealing with radiography or radiology in any form must be qualified for the same. There are varied types of radiography and hence varied number of courses in the stream of radiography. Given below are a few entry level requirements and then a few course requirements which are a part of every type of course in radiography.

Entry level requirements for the courses in science of radiography:

  • A high school education from a state accredited institution is essential. The individual must present his or her transcripts.
  • The individual is required to present the GED test score for many courses.
  • For a few institutions or degree courses in radiography the requirements include any of several A-C grade GCSEs and three GCE A/A2 levels including science at grade C or above.
  • There may be a few percentage or subject requirements of the respective university or college that one applies to.
  • Besides the academic qualifications, there are many institutions require the applicants to pass an occupational health examination prior to the acceptance to the course.

The requirements of the courses/ degrees to complete the training in radiography:

A student who has taken up chemical engineering as his/her stream of engineering must pass the following core subjects in order to attain the degree or certificate of graduation:

  • Patience care
  • Advanced patience care
  • Pathology
  • Computers and software
  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Science and imaging technology
  • Science and imaging technology 2
  • Use of evidence and knowledge to support study
  • Muscle and skeleton imaging
  • Tissue imaging
  • Soft tissue imaging
  • Practical evaluation
  • Practice education
  • Inter professional practice
  • Foreign body retrieval process
  • Guided biopsies
  • Drainage

This is a list of the subjects which are a part of the courses in radiography of varied source. Qualifying these subjects along with the other projects and thesis requirements of the institutions renders an individual qualified in the science of radiography.

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