Quality Control Lab Technician Education and Job Requirements

Quality Control Lab Technician Requirements

The quality control lab technician focuses on checking, rather testing the quality of various features of a particular finished product based on certain guidelines or scale of parameters. He/she has to seriously take into account the safety norms and also the legal obligations at the time of testing for the specifications of the product. The quality control lab technician has to essentially report to the quality assurance manager in regards to the progress of the assignments given to him/her. In many situations, he/she works in a team of quality assurance executives where the responsibilities are distinctly shared.

Education requirements:

  • A high school diploma in science stream from a reputed educational institute with decent grades with mathematics as one of the subjects.
  • An under-graduate degree in statistics or computer science or statistics from a good college or university.
  • The interested candidates with master’s degree in the relevant field would have an edge of other applicants.
  • Certified training in quality assurance projects from an accredited institute would be hugely beneficial in order to be seriously considered for the job.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of at least 12 to 14 months in a reputed company or agency in the quality assurance department.
  • Must be accurate in collecting data, analyzing them and preparing reports.
  • Should be particular about procedural evaluation of the product features.
  • Must have ample expertise in lab testing methods and ensuring near perfect quality determination.
  • Should have good documentation skills in order to record the proceedings of the quality assurance projects on a regular basis.

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    I am Bsc Graduated and completed MCA. I hav near 1 yr Exp. in QC job.

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