Quality Analyst Education and Job Requirements

Quality Analyst Requirements

A Quality Analyst is the one who analyzes the quality of a particular project undertaken by the respective company. It is his duty to implement various strategies that would identify quality gaps and also improve them simultaneously and enhance the present status of the firm. The analyst has to study existing market conditions and accordingly improvise the quality standards so that the products and services of the company can compete with its contemporaries. Also, interaction with clients and other department members is important in this interesting job-profile.  Thus to appear for the respective post, a person should fulfill the following criterion.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidate must necessarily hold a bachelor’s degree in quality assurance or quality assessment studies.
  • Basic computing skills and an idea regarding how to access the internet is required.
  • The applicant must have thorough knowledge of software development.
  • A master’s or a PhD in quality management and handling data resources will prove to be an added advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum of two years experience in any sort of quality assessment program is a must.
  • The candidate must be able to suggest genuine and profitable solutions rather than simply stating the problems in the project.
  • Interested candidates must be good enough to work in a challenging environment and also learn new technologies to improve the quality of the project and run it more efficiently, using lesser resources.
  • Language fluency will help candidates to foster an environment of co-operation and co-ordination.
  • Candidate should exhibit analytical skills, team spirit and a problem-solving attitude.

Companies searching for quality analysts can consider candidates with the above-stated qualities.

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