QA Engineer Education Requirements

A QA Engineer or the quality assurance Engineer is a professional who has an expertise in Quality Assurance procedures and is responsible for the development and the supervision of these procedures. Not just this, they also work in getting the QA procedures implemented. From the beginning, that is developing a procedure to looking up after the implementation, is the QA engineer’s job. Essentially, their most important job is to make sure that the company they work for have up to date products without any fault or error in them. They also make sure that the whole manufacturing process is in order .QA engineers are known to have good problem solving skills. They also have a great deal of knowledge about computer systems and software.

 QA Engineer Educational Requirements

  • To become a QA engineer, the candidate has to have a degree in science and degrees like Bachelor of Science and Bachelor Of technology will be appropriate.
  • Other degrees like Bachelor of Computer Science or a Diploma in Information system technology will also help.
  • A few candidates also take degrees like Bachelor in Business Administration and then do a diploma in Quality Assurance.
  • For candidates who want to go for Software Quality Engineering profession, Professional Quality Engineering certification is also given through ASQ.

QA Engineer Degrees Courses and certifications

  • Bachelors of Science
  • Bachelor in Quality Assurance and Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology
  • Bachelor of Computers
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Diploma in Quality Assurance Engineering
  • Certificate of Software Quality Engineering

QA Engineer Qualification and training

The required qualifications for the job of QA engineer depends on the employer.  Most of them expect the candidate to be qualified in subjects related to science, technology, computers or software systems. Some of the employers also take candidates with a background in marketing and business and have an on the job experience in QA training. Certificate or a diploma in Software QA engineering is also considered as an advantage and gives an edge to the students.

QA Engineer Colleges and Universities

QA Engineer Wages and Salary

The average salary of a Quality Assurance Engineer is between $56,000 and $65,000 but it can go as high as $90,000 depending on the skills, expertise and the experience that the candidate holds. The work profile and the type of company in which a candidate works also decides the salary of the QA Engineer.

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