Publicity Consultant Education Requirements

It takes definite measure of education and qualification to be appointed as a publicity consultant as the job post entails duties of a public relations officer, advertiser, analyst and advisor. These courses are central to the educational programme of a publicity consultant. The more the degrees achieved, the greater the chances of cracking an interview. The interview tests the amount of knowledge held by the candidate and that is best pursued through one’s schooling and coaching. He is tested on the grounds of his technical knowhow about publicizing and marketing programs and communicating with public on behalf of the client organization to create a certain image. Training boosts the application of this knowledge and fine tunes one’s skills to handle the task more efficiently and prolifically. Thus, like education, training must be given equal weight.

Publicity Consultant Education Requirements

  • High school education is counted in the appointment criteria of a publicity consultant. A candidate waiting to try his fortune as a publicity consultant must have a firm educational base.
  • College education is necessary especially in a relevant discipline to master the art of creating publicity and media hype on a task.
  • Parallel degree courses may be taken up in media studies from an open university as a support for the parent education received.

Publicity Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The academic credit of a publicity consultant is encompassed in the following major fields of education:

  • Bachelors in mass communication or media sciences
  • Masters in public relations or advertisement and marketing course
  • Parallel or diploma course in marketing management

Publicity Consultant Qualifications and Training

Training programs intensify the advantages gained from the qualifications. Possession of the basic educational degrees must be supplemented by an individualised or group training course in PR or Media Management to learn the technicalities of the advertising world. These courses focus on the communicative and relationship aspects of the corporate sector.

Publicity Consultant Colleges and Universities

Publicity Consultant Wages and Salary

The average yearly salary of publicity consultants is $90,000 approximately whereas the salary may vary over a data range of $30,000 to $1, 50,000 per annum.

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