Public Housing Advisor Education and Job Requirements

Public Housing Advisor Requirements

A public housing advisor has the responsibility of providing housing related consulting solutions to the clients. The duty includes a range of activities such as making the clients aware of the specific facilities of the house and the regulatory norms in regards to payments and taking possession of the property. It is obvious that the public housing advisor can either be a private or a government employee and is involved in advising the clients in cases of helping them out in finding houses made for public residential purposes only. Moreover, the public housing advisor also advices the interested clients about the different welfare benefits which they are going to receive on availing a particular housing service. The points below would tell specifically about the education and job requirements for this post.

Education requirements:

  • It is mandatory to have an undergraduate degree in human resource management or sociology or related field with decent grades.
  • A master’s degree in human resource management or sociology would work hugely in favor of the candidate.
  • Certified training in consulting in the public housing domain.

Job requirements:

  • Should have a minimum experience of 2 years in the public housing consulting sector.
  • Having ample expertise in regulatory affairs about taking possession of a public housing service.
  • Coordinating with the proprietors and the clients in a lucid way and sorting out the differences.
  • Having excellent communication skills, and explaining the clients about the different facilities available.
  • Documenting the cases in a detailed manner, and keeping a continuous tab on the records.

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