Psychotherapist Education Requirements

A Psychotherapist is a professional who deals with patients who are suffering from some kind of mental disturbance or changes in behavior etc. He/she talks to the patients and tries to understand their psychology and idea behind their actions and behavior.  They help patients in modifying their feelings.  Psychotherapist often works in various kinds of work settings such as clinics, schools, hospitals, governmental agencies or may be self employed.

In order to become a psychotherapist, different states may ask for different requirements but commonly, master’s degree is the minimum requirements which one needs to fulfill.  Apart from education, a psychotherapist must be extremely attentive, observant, and patient and should possess excellent communication skills to be able to deal with all kinds of patients.  The following are the main education requirements for a person to become a psychotherapist.

Psychotherapist Education Requirements

Let’s see what are the education requirements to get a job as a psychotherapist:

  • The minimum requirement for a person to become a psychotherapist is to have a master’s degree in clinical psychology, clinical social work or counseling.
  • Some states may also ask for a PhD.  In the same field.
  • Master’s and doctoral level degree programs also include 2 years of clinical experience.

Psychotherapist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Apart from the above mentioned details, let’s take a look at the kind of certifications and degrees an aspiring psychotherapist requires to get a job.

  • High school diploma from an accredited school
  • Bachelor’s degree in a field like clinical psychology or a related subject is a must.
  • Master’s degree in the same field is another mandatory requirement.
  • Doctorate level studies in clinical psychology are also often asked for by many states.
  • Apart from these, every states demands a licensure or certificate which can be obtained by postgraduates or higher level therapists by giving a written examination.

Psychotherapist Qualification and Training

Psychotherapists receive proper training during their master’s and doctorate degree program. This training is under supervision of a senior and results in addition of ample amount of experience in the profile of the candidate.

Psychotherapist Colleges and Universities

Psychotherapist Wages and Salaries

The demand for psychotherapists is increasing with every passing day and hence job prospects are pretty bright in this field. The better the education, the better the job prospects. On an average, a psychotherapist is likely to earn an average median salary of $54700. This figure depends upon place of work.

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