Psychology Course Requirements

A course in the stream of psychology involves a systematic study of scientific reasons behind mental functions and behaviors. A psychologist is capable of providing solutions based on general principles or after in depth analysis in specific cases. The activity of the unconscious mind is also investigated by few psychologists. Psychologists are mostly involved in therapeutic roles or practicing in clinical or school setting. A psychologists needs to first assess the condition and then begin the treatment. Psychologists rely upon symbolical interpretation and few of the other inductive techniques. They also explore concepts such as perception, attention, brain functioning and interpersonal relations.

Prerequisites for Admission:

The course does not have a mandate set of requirements for a student to take up the course. However, an introductory psychology is a prerequisite for upper level psychology courses. Directed reading or research lab credits do not fit in any graduation requirements.


  • Required courses – The below mentioned subjects are mandatory for all majors related to psychology course.
  1. Basic Understanding of Psychological science and Seminar
  2. Psychological Statistics and Research Methods
  3. Laboratory Section
  • Electives– A set of elective courses also need to be taken up by students.

300 level elective courses- A minimum of 2 courses each from class A and class B is a minimum requirement for every student.

400 level elective courses- senior level seminars by faculty’s area of expertise.

300/400 Level Additional Elective Course- An additional 300 level or 400 level elective excluding the ones used to fulfill the above requirements.

Cost of Psychology Course:

A course in psychology would cost around $40,000. There could be a variation of a few thousands depending upon the choice of institution for obtaining the psychology course.

Areas covered by Psychology Course:

Based on the specialization in the psychology course, students can find work as professors in medical schools or work as psychologists in medical field. Students can also opt to enter research.

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