Property Management Education Requirements

Property is a wide term, it refers to any physical entity/ commodity/ item (which is intangible in nature) owned by a person or a group of people or a legal organization like firm etc. With the type of the ownership of the property every owning entity has some rights over the respective property. These rights may refer to the right of leasing it, selling, mortgaging etc.

Besides the rights the owner has over the respective property, they are also required to manage the properties. The owners hire property management executives to manage the properties when it cannot be done by oneself. These management executives must be well qualified. They have to perform a lot of tasks such as take care of the valuation of the properties, keep a tab on the laws governing the property types etc.

Property Management Education requirements:

  • An individual pursuing property management must have a basic high school education.
  • An individual pursuing to be a property management executive must have a bachelors’ education in any of the following fields property law, law, management, accounts, investment management etc. There may be a few other subjects which relate to this field of management.
  • An individual pursuing to be a property management executive may be required to have a masters’ education in the fields/ subjects which relate to the field of property management.

Property Management Degree, Courses and Certifications:

  • The high completion with subjects like management, real estate law etc.
  • Bachelor’s degrees like bachelors’ in real estate and economic development and bachelor in business management (real estate).
  • The individual may pursue certificate courses such as certificate in commercial property management, certificate in fundamentals of property management, certificate in residential property management etc.
  • Masters in Real Estate Management
  • Masters in real Estate Development.

Property Management Qualifications and Training

  • Having some work experience in the field of property management or other work experience is a positive point for anyone looking to be hired as a property management executive.
  • But many entities may be ready to provide on the job trainings and carry on the employment on basis of the qualifications only.

Property Management Colleges and Universities:

Property Management Wages and Salaries:

The salary for a property management executive varies between $60,000 and $100,000 on an average basis. The variations may be caused by a number of factors like the size and type of the properties, the use of the properties etc.

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