Property Maintenance Education Requirements

A property maintenance incharge or executive is a person who is appointed by the owner of a property to look after the overall maintenance of its property or properties. A property maintenance executive is responsible for ensuring the fact that the property is properly maintained and is free from any clutter or irregularity as far as repair, installation etc is concerned. The property maintenance can cover a whole lot of specific areas such as repair, carpentry, flooring, dry walling, painting, construction, cleanliness, electrical wiring, equipment installation etc.

There are certain education requirements which a person needs to fulfil in order to become a property maintenance executive. This job involves administration and management work apart from knowledge of plumbing, construction works, repair, installations etc. And thus the candidate must have a detailed and practical knowledge of these areas and maintenance works. The following are the educational requirements given in detail.

Property maintenance education requirements:

One needs to fulfil the following in order to become a property maintenance incharge:

  • One requires full high school level education in order to handle the variety of responsibilities associated with this job.
  • A bachelor’s degree is not required to become a property maintenance incharge but a diploma course in management can be useful.
  • Besides formal education, one needs to have knowledge of pool cleaning, heating and cooling equipments, maintaining fire systems, negotiating pricing etc.

Property maintenance degrees, courses and certifications:

  • High school diploma from a recognised school or institute is a must.
  • Diploma course in maintenance or management in the case where a person hasn’t acquired a graduation degree can be a compulsory requirement.
  • Coursework in upkeep of buildings like blueprint reading, industrial maintenance, commercial wiring and building codes etc.
  • Coursework in fire systems, pool upkeep, heating and cooling systems, electrical wiring or other related issues prove to be quite useful for anyone who wishes to become a property maintenance incharge or executive.

Property maintenance qualifications and training:

A property maintenance incharge requires to complete a training program in property maintenance or any other maintenance coursework to learn about the different nuances of this job and the duties associated with it. One must be a qualified expert at tasks such as plumbing, carpentry, flooring, white washing, painting, construction, repair and installations.

Property maintenance colleges and universities:

Property maintenance wages and salaries:

The salary or income of a property maintenance executive may vary depending upon the property which he/she is given to maintain at a given time. The average salary per year though is $40000.

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