Project Analyst Education and Job Requirements

Project Analyst Requirements

A project analyst analyses the requirements of a project and works out what and who are involved in managing the same. He has no direct participation in the activities but needs to keep track of every phase of the work. Some of the fields where project analysts are required are construction industry, vehicles, architecture, pharmaceuticals, electronics, telecommunications, software development etc. A project analyst is responsible for handling issues such as cost reduction, scheduling, quality-control while enhancing productivity. Hence the following attributes would help one to earn the respective post.

Education Requirements:

  • The candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, management or finance.
  • The applicant must have good computing skills and a thorough knowledge of software.
  • A diploma in marketing or technical skills will prove to be an added advantage.
  • Masters in business administration will act as an added advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate must necessarily be aware of present business policies and marketing strategies.
  • An extensive background in software development is an important requirement.
  • Applicants must have appreciable inter-personal skills and adopt a policy of open communication to satisfy the involved clientele.
  • Candidates with sound analytical skills and a thorough knowledge in risk management will be preferred.
  • Data handling and preparation of internal and external reports from various departments is to be known by interested candidates.
  • Being able to work in a group and co-ordinate the work of various departments is a primary criterion.

A person with the above qualities can be a proficient project analyst.

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