Programmer Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Programmer Trainee Requirements

A Programmer trainee is an entry level job in the field of computer sciences. Young computer graduates from the top universities are recruited for the position of a Programmer trainee. The main job responsibility of a Programmer trainee is to develop codes for software programs according to business requirement. During the training period, a Programmer trainee is trained on various computer languages and packages that would be useful while performing the job of a Programmer trainee. Candidates who want to become a Programmer trainee should necessarily have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences. A master in computer applications would be preferred by employers. A Programmer trainee should have knowledge in computers, should possess analytical skills to detect bugs and resolve them in the program, and should also possess good team skills. The following are the educational and job requirements of a Programmer trainee.

Education Requirements:

  • To become a Programmer trainee, candidates must get enrolled in Computer sciences courses particularly computer software program courses.
  • The candidates should be aware of programs like C, C++, HTML, PL/SQL, etc. Apart from these companies teach .NET, JAVA, and other languages as appropriate.
  • Candidates should have good analytical and reasoning skills as they need to reproduce and resolve the cases as logged in by the testing and support teams.

Job Requirements:

  • The job requirements of a Programmer trainee include coding the software program as needed for development of a package by the client.
  • The Programmer trainee should coordinate with their team mates and other teams like testing, support, and database management for the successfully delivery of the new or updated version of the program.
  • A Programmer trainee is needed to showcase his skills in various computer software so that he can fit the project needs and can perform a significant role.

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