Program Coordinator Education Requirements

Candidates who function as program coordinators should have the ability to strategize, plan, and execute programs effectively while delivering the required expectations. Candidates can work as program coordinators in wide variety of areas. Candidates who would like to become program coordinators can get a general management degree in project management, business administration, etc. or may also get a specialized knowledge in one or more areas of project management. Candidates who would like to pursue the career option of a program coordinator should possess good coordination skills, project management skills, business acumen, and good execution capabilities. Below given educational requirements, degrees, courses and certifications, training and related pay details are for the position of a program coordinator.

Program Coordinator Educational Requirements

  • In order to become a program coordinator, candidates are required to first complete their basic primary and secondary education with good grades.
  • Candidates can then enroll into courses related to project management, business administration, general business, social entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Candidates can also get a certification done in business administration, project management, business administration with management emphasis, etc.
  • Candidates should preferably get some work experience of working in projects with emphasis on delivery and deadlines.

Program Coordinator Degree, Courses, and Certifications

The following given courses are mostly opted by candidates who are seriously considering the job of a program coordinator. They are:

  • Associate – Accounting
  • Associate Degree in Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Graduate Certificate – Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Program Coordinator Qualifications and Training

Candidates can get the certification done from accredited institutes that provide theoretical training and practical learning on the concepts of program management, project coordination and administration, etc. Candidates should join such courses that are known for their quality of teaching, good pedagogy, equipped infrastructure, and industry experienced faculty.

Program Coordinator Colleges and Universities

Program Coordinator Wages and Salaries

Candidates who would like to contribute in the industry as a program coordinator can find immense opportunities in sectors like non-profit organizations, education – colleges and universities, education, youth services, health care, etc. Candidates can work as program coordinator in freelance, full time or part time basis and can contribute in multiple sectors in parallel. According to the salary estimates by Pay Scale and represented in the form of the National Salary data, the annual compensation of a program coordinator ranges between $24,000 and $51,000 per year. The median salary is about $36,000 per year.

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