Production Designer Education Requirements

A production designer is an employee of an art based company or a film or television production house whose job can be compared to that of an art director or set developer/designer. The job of a production designer can be crucial to any creativity driven project. The education or knowledge of a person clubbed with his/her creativity, imagination and inclination towards the field of art can definitely help him/her to move towards the direction of production designing.

Apart from the formal education required for this designing job, one must be equipped with the basic designing abilities and skills. Many successful persons in the field of production designing have degrees in either architecture or environmental designing but these are not the requirements for a person to become a production designer.

Production designer education requirements:

  • A production designer must have a high school passing certificate from a recognised school with an Arts background preferably.
  • Production designers need to have a 4-year bachelor’s degree in either fine arts, designing, digital media or visual communications.
  • An experience in management can also be a great requisite for one to become a production designer. This means that anyone with a Post graduate degree like MBA or any other management related diploma course can apply for the job.
  • He/she must be learned as far as set designing, graphic designing and theatrical designing is concerned.

Production designing education degrees, courses and certifications:

A person needs to acquire the following degrees, courses and certificates in order to become a production designer:

  • High school diploma
  • Graduation degree Fine Arts, Architecture or Designing with an aggregate of 60% or above.
  • Diploma in a related field or a management related course.
  • Certificate course in product design or administration could be another add on.

Production designer educational qualifications and training:

A production designer needs to be a qualified designer with the knowledge and experience of working with film/theatre sets, graphic designing, production units, creative team etc. One requires practical training and theoretical knowledge of the above mentioned fields and must have exceptional managerial skills.

Production designer education colleges and universities:

Production designer wages, salaries, scope:

A production designer can earn anything ranging from $10000 to $50000 per year depending upon the level of the job they are working at or the production house. This field has been seeing increasing scope as far as experimentation and creativity is concerned.

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