Probation Officer Training Requirements

Probation officers work in the police or criminal investigation department and oversee the behavior and developments of criminals who are serving the probation period. Depending on the inputs provided by the probation officer, the trial period of the criminals could be shortened or extended. So it is essential for the prospective probation officer to be informed about the systems in criminal justice, human services for criminal justice, law enforcement administration, etc. Most of the popular colleges known for their legal training and education provide such courses in full time and part time formats. Candidates can utilize such courses if they want to get the requisite knowledge and information. The below mentioned at the educational and training requirements to become a probation officer.

What are the education requirements for Probation Officer training?

  • Candidates can complete their high school and secondary high school training with good grades and apply for legal courses in higher education.
  • There are Bachelor of Science courses in Criminal Justice – Human Services, BA in Social and Criminal justice, BA in Law Enforcement Administration, etc. These are relevant courses which can benefit students immensely in terms of theoretical knowledge and practical application.
  • Candidates should also be aware of psychology of criminals and should preferably have a background work experience in social service or related work.
  • Candidates need to document the behavior of the criminals. So the aspiring candidates should have good documentation skills, communication skills, and ability to understand and put the criminal behavior in perspective.

What are the other requirements needed for Probation Officer training?

  • Candidates should have crossed 21 years of age when apply for the position of a probation officer.
  • There are different state requirements to become a probation officer. Depending on the type of exam and the minimum threshold to be crossed, the eligibility might vary. So students should be aware of their local state requirements to be eligible for the job.
  • Candidates must also pass various examinations related to physical health, mental health and psychology.
  • Candidates would also be put through medical tests for alcohol or drug testing.
  • Candidates should have a clean record with no background of crime or conviction.
  • Candidates who are inducted as probation officer would be put under intense training which will teach the students on the real time job responsibilities and expectations. Only if they perform well during the period, their employment would be confirmed.
  • It is preferable to possess a minimum of two years of experience in this field to become an able probation officer.

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