Private Security Education Requirements

Private security personnel ensure the safety to people, places and property. They are usually hired by individuals and businesses for protecting property and people from criminal acts like theft, fire and vandalism. The duties of a private security guard usually vary between employers. However, the typical duties would include monitoring a particular area all throughout the day and reporting any untoward incident. Private security guards could be dressed in a uniform or in plainclothes.

Private security guards scan an area for detecting any suspicious activity within their area of responsibility. They monitor video cameras, scan crowds, inspect property and supervise activities. They may also prepare security reports on areas under their purview.

Private Security Education Requirements

  • There is usually no formal education qualifications required for private security guards. However, a high school is the least qualification if the guard is required to carry a sidearm.
  • Many employers require a security guard to have some kind of formal training, especially those who require a high security.
  • Many colleges and universities offer diploma programs and majors on criminology, security management, information security and other subjects. The coursework in these programs usually comprise terrorism studies, emergency planning, critical thinking, risk investigation, security methods, and security ethics.

Private Security Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Certificates for a private security guard isn’t mandatory but undeniably helps in validating a candidate’s professional experience and capabilities. They must have four years of investigative experience. Two important certifications are as follows:

  • The Physical Security Professional certification is given to those who show technical proficiency for security solutions. Candidates have to appear for an exam before getting this certification. High school diploma is the criterion for appearing for this exam.
  • The Certified Protection Professional certification requires nine years of security experience and many years of security management experience. Candidates have to pass a test on security solutions and ethical business procedures.

Private Security Qualifications and Training

Federal laws usually require a guard to complete eight hours of basic training if the candidate has no law enforcement experience. Sixteen hours of on-job training and 47 hours of firearms training necessary for armed guards.

Training could include, but isn’t limited to, the used of surveillance systems, reporting of incidents.

Private Security Colleges and Universities

Private Security Wages and Salary

Private security guards usually draw a salary of $25,000 to $30,000. It usually increases with experience. They also get medical and other benefits.

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