Prison Social Worker Education and Job Requirements

Prison Social Worker Requirements

A prison social worker has got huge responsibilities as he/she works on improving the social and mental status of the inmates in a prison. The person needs to study the various behavioral patterns of the prisoners and sketch points to improve their attitudes towards life. This helps in rehabilitating them in a much better manner. The prison social worker also works with the objective of sharpening the soft skills of the inmates that help them to find decent work when they finish their tenure. The prison social worker is essentially a government worker and has to know the legal complexities in a detailed manner. The points that are written below would be of some help for the recruiter to know about the education and job requirements for a prison social worker.

Education requirements:

  • An undergraduate degree in criminal psychology with first class grades from a reputed institute is compulsory.
  • A graduate degree in the stream of criminal psychology or related field from an accredited institute is highly sought.
  • Certified training in the prison social working arena is an advantage.

Job requirements:

  • The candidate must have excellent communication skills to make the interactive sessions with the inmates interesting and a learning experience for them.
  • They must have ample expertise in evaluating the behavior of the prisoners and assessing their mental status accurately to provide with the right solutions.
  • The interested candidates must thoroughly document the case details on a regular basis for further qualitative analysis.

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