Principal Investigator Education Requirements

Principal investigators gather forensic evidences like hairs, crime weapons, fibers, tissue samples etc. for determining their relevance and importance to the criminal investigation. They are usually field analysts or forensic scientists who have been particularly trained for collecting and preserving evidence. A bachelor’s degree in forensics, forensic biology and/or anthropology is the most applicable educational requirement. Forensic science programs emphasize on interdisciplinary coursework that includes molecular biology, criminal justice and biochemistry. Principal investigators are often specialists in fingerprint analyses, DNA profiling, toxicology etc. They also work for documentation methods and evidence retrieval.

Principal Investigator Education Requirements

  • Though relevant, a forensic science degree isn’t mandatory for principal investigators, professionals could come from several education backgrounds like criminal justice and general studies.
  • Graduates are required to complete additional training in forensics.
  • Several schools offer a 2-year program in crime scene investigation.
  • Four-year bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biology is also acceptable.
  • The principal investigator is expected to have adequate exposure to law and legal procedures for determining the merit of particular criminal cases.

Principal Investigator Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Some common degrees and certifications required for a principal investigator are as follows:

  • Bachelor of science—biology, chemistry
  • Master of science
  • Advanced diploma in forensics
  • Certified course in investigations
  • Post graduate diploma in

Principal Investigator Qualifications and Training

The aspirant has to undergo a 14 week one unit station training that’s imparted by the US Army. The course involves both basic and job training. It’s conducted at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Principal Investigator Colleges and Universities

Principal Investigator Wages and Salary

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, principal investigators at the government level or those at the executive level of federal governments were paid an average annual salary of $97,000. Deputy Principal Investigators are usually paid around $53,000.

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