Preschool Teacher Education Requirements

A pre- school teacher refers to those educators who are involved in the grooming of kids from infancy to the age of about 4 or 5 years. These are generally employed by the entities such as licensed preschools, public day care centers, or private day care centers etc. Irrespective of the kind of the employer, these teachers must possess a certain level of educational qualifications to begin with.

They must also have a peculiar set of skills which are essential when dealing with the age group of up to 5 years. Besides the educational qualifications they may be required to have any of the varied number of degrees or courses which exist in reference to this field of work. Though these requirements vary hugely across states and jurisdictions there are some which are universal for all.

Pre- school Teachers Education Requirements

The respective individual must have the following basic level of educational qualifications:

  • A high school diploma from a state licensed school. (Higher performance scores or better grades might be preferred and the transcripts are required.)

Preschool Teacher Degree, Courses and Certifications

Many times having a high school diploma might be enough, but many entities require the candidates to possess a certain degree, or a course diploma or a certificate. They might be any of the following:

  • A Preschool Teacher certificate
  • A Child Development Certificate
  • A certificate or credential from the Child Development Associate (C. D. A.).

Pre- school Teachers Qualifications and Trainings

An entity hiring a preschool teacher may set up certain standards in terms of the training the respective candidate has gone under. A certain minimum number of hours of child development and few other courses by the C. D. A. credentials. The candidate could also possess some associate training in the segment of preschool teaching in which the respective candidate is interested. Having prior experience as a preschool teacher for any licensed institution is a definite plus point.

Pre- school Teacher Colleges and Universities

Preschool Teacher Wages and Salary

The wages / salaries of the preschool teachers show somewhat high variance as one moves across states/ districts. But a few averages are $55693 for California, $54020 in Michigan, $53967 in New Jersey. The salary is less in other areas like $32414 in South Dakota, $33,869 North Dakota these figures are mere approximations, one can say the salaries come to an average of about $30,000. The salary also depends upon the type of school in which the candidate is teaching and the work profile.

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