Pool Attendant Education and Job Requirements

Pool Attendant Requirements

A pool attendant has got a job of huge responsibility. He/she in general, manages the activities centered on a swimming pool. Swimming is an excellent recreational activity for many people. People swim to stay fit and also to relax. A pool attendant puts his/her focus on the swimming habits and timings of various groups of people and also individuals. A swimming pool is either a part of a swimming club, or recreational club or a hotel. A pool attendant needs to take due care of the client by educating him/her about the finer details of swimming. He/she also has to suggest measures to the authority about maintenance of the swimming pool.

Education Requirements:

  • A high school degree in any stream with decent grades is a must.
  • A bachelor’s degree from a reputed educational institute in physical education and swimming related studies is a compulsory credential.
  • Some of the students go for further studies and complete their graduation in the same subject as graduation that works as an advantage.
  • Certified training in swimming from the concerned authority and certificate course-diplomas in this regards is a huge plus.

Job Requirements:

  • The interested applicant must have ample expertise in all forms of swimming
  • The person must impart to the client detailed knowledge about swimming, when required.
  • The applicant must have knowledge about maintaining the swimming people in various seasons.
  • The person must be able to provide with pertinent suggestions in regards to upgrading of the swimming pool on a periodic basis.

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