Police Training Requirements

Police training requirements are generally referred to the various means adopted by a police academy trainee in order to become a capable police officer. The training received in these academies help one get the basic level knowledge but one needs to be more prepared for upper-level posts in law enforcements like FBI, Homeland Security which requires special training. Training as a police officer also opens up other career opportunities in the field of law enforcement and security and some of these options are lucrative too. Every police training agency has certain individual standards that must be followed by the trainees depending on state and federal laws.

What are the education requirements for police training?

Every police academy has a different set of rules and regulations depending on the state it is situated in. However, there are some common requirements which must be met by the applicants in order to show their interest and fitness needed in police training:

  • City, county and state level: Those applicants who are interested in receiving training to become police officers at the city, county or state level must have at least a high school degree or diploma or need to pass their GED (General Educational Development) exams. The rest of the training is given at the academy. Specific police departments give preference to applicants with college degrees.
  • FBI: An FBI officer may eventually work in the field of engineering, computers, law, accounting etc. Hence, it is not enough to just have a high school diploma, but applicants must be more educated and have at least a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in criminal justice.
  • Homeland Security: Here also you need to have at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree,

What are the other requirements needed for police training?

  • For city, county and state levels, an applicant must be a US citizen, at least 18 years old, with no criminal record and free from drug use.
  • For any level, especially at senior posts, it is beneficial if the applicant has completed courses in subjects like criminology, political science or any foreign language.
  • Besides formal education, there are many candidates in police training agencies who have prior military experience.
  • For FBI and other senior posts, two to three years of work experience is required before one can apply for training.
  • Homeland Security officers are trained in anti-terrorism, disaster management, hazardous materials, customs and immigration and also the secret service.

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