Podiatrist Education Requirements

A podiatrist is a professional who is educated, trained and skilled to treat illnesses and ailments related to the foot of a person. These professionals prescribe treatment methods and medicines for the treatment of foot injuries, pain and even perform surgery in the case where needed. In order to become a podiatrist one requires years of education, training and knowledge building in the field of podiatry. The following are some of the major education requirements for a candidate to become a podiatrist.

Podiatrist Education Requirements

  • Any candidate who wishes to become a podiatrist must complete high school education with science based subjects like Mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. Mathematics should be paid a special attention to as measuring prescriptions forms an important part of this profession.
  • After completing high school education, one can go on to pursue four year college and get a bachelor’s degree in a science related field, preferably that relating to biology or pre med.
  • After this, attending college for pursuing a 4 year podiatry course is also essential. A four year residency program following this is part of the education requirements too.

Podiatrist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are the degree, courses and certifications which an aspiring podiatrist needs to get before applying for a job.

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelors in a science related subject
  • Master’s in podiatry followed by a 4 year residency program in a hospital for gaining the required experience and polishing knowledge and skills. This includes practical training and performing physics exams etc.
  • Every state requires an aspiring podiatrist to have some kind of a certification or license to start practicing. Requirements vary from state to state.

Podiatrist Qualification and Training

Apart from the formal education, a candidate must also have required amount of training before he/she sets foot in the real world of podiatry. This training can be attained both during the master’s program as well as the residency program which infact is all about practical knowledge and firsthand experience.  All these years of education teach the candidate all that there is to know about this field and also acquaint him with the necessary terms and situations.

Podiatrist Colleges and Universities

Podiatrist Wages and Salaries

Any person who is working as a podiatrist is likely to earn an annual income of $132470. This figure may greatly vary from individual to individual and may vary depending upon the experience and the qualifications of the candidate.

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