Podiatrist College Requirements

Like any other medical school/ college, the admission procedure to the Podiatrist College is also quite stringent. No doubt the profession of a Podiatrist is very respectful and also the remuneration one gets in it is excellent but becoming a Podiatrist is not an easy task.

The podiatrist course work involves studying hard and what is even difficult is getting admission in a Podiatrist College. This article covers as to what all requirements are to be met for taking admission in Podiatrist College.

Podiatrist College Admission Requirements

Below mentioned are the requirements that you need to fulfill in order to take admission in Podiatrist College:

  • One requires a high school diploma to start with. During high school one must take up science subjects and score well in them if he intends to take admission in a podiatrist college.
  • Podiatry schools provide their admission forms which the candidates need to fill and submit back within the specified deadline. It is essential to get these forms signed properly and avoid any kind of over writing or cutting else these may get rejected.
  • It is essential to attain a minimum of eight credits of biology courses along with the associated laboratory courses.
  • Six credits of English composition courses are also required.
  • The candidates also need eight credits each of inorganic chemistry with labs and organic chemistry with labs.
  • Eight credits of physics with associated labs are also required.
  • One must complete the prerequisite courses in science.
  • Only once the candidate has completed the prerequisite courses in science can he appear for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).
  • The candidates are short listed based on their performance in this test.
  • Certain Podiatrist Colleges may consider the GRE or DAT scores as well, that is in lieu of MCAT.
  • Once the screening of candidate is done based on their test scores they are called for a round of interview based on which they are given admission to the Podiatrist College.

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