Plumber Education Requirements

A plumber has to know the fundamental theories of installation and repairs and cultivate that knowledge to keep abreast of the changing technologies and working advancements. As this field largely depends on hand experiences therefore minimum education is required to understand these changes and using them consequently. However, only the acquisition of the learning is not sufficient. The practical manifestation of the learnt ideas and knowledge is also very important in this field. Thus training is a prerequisite of plumbing jobs. The plumbing industry seeks qualified candidates for recruitment because the job is cognitively challenging wherein a plumber is expected to know the scientific rules of electrical functioning too. The vocational courses or on job trainings not only add to a plumber’s resume but also give him an edge over others.

Plumber Education Requirements

  • A candidate interested in plumbing and wanting to take it up as profession has to be a high school pass-out with any educational background.
  • A vocational training is highly important in a plumbing related course for complete mastery over the educational arena pertaining to a plumbing job.
  • On job experiences through training is highly required to understand various plumbing necessities and building logical plans for water pipes installation.

Plumber Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The academic credentials of a wannabe plumber may not be elaborate but he must be well-read in some specific areas for the post:

  • Certification on Plumbing courses
  • Certification on Plumber Apprentice program for achieving the plumber license
  • Vocational course on Plumbing Tool Management.

Plumber Qualifications and Training

The industry recognized qualifications underlying the success of a plumber are partly with the minimum education and with the training obtained by the candidate. The two contribute equally to his growth as a plumber. Training on piping design, drafting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are extensively provided through Fast Track Plumber Training, an international program introduced worldwide. Even a candidate could enhance qualification by assisting a professional plumber initially.

Plumber Colleges and Universities

Plumber Wages and Salary

The hourly wage of a plumber is anywhere between $30 and $80 if hired by an industry.

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