Pipe Fitter Education Requirements

The knowledge requirements of pipe fitting are uncovered with the help of pipe fitting education available in many community schools or vocational institute. The highlights of the educational course include proper tool handling and management, cutting and welding, and pipe fitting lessons, which are all imparted in the form of text and theories. However, these type of jobs cannot be completely mastered without apprenticeship and training. Thus, both, attainment of a minimum high school degree and sound training are important in order to become a professional pipe fitter. The former will provide the candidate to understand the theoretical version of the entire pipefitting process and work, whereas the latter will equip him to use machines and equipments with sufficient confidence and élan.

Pipe Fitter Education Requirements

  • The candidate wanting to enter into the technical field of pipe fitting, sprinkle fitter and steam fitting has to be a pass out of high school with a minimum percentage required.
  • Hands-on knowledge about machines, installation and use of tools and mechanical fittings developed via vocational degrees serves as an extra advantage if obtained in this regard.
  • Training’s and on job experience helps a candidate to develop various skills of tools management related to pipe fitting.

Pipe fitter Degrees, Courses and Certifications

An outline of the course specifications of a prospective pipe fitter are given in the following details:

  • Certification in pipe fitting
  • Vocational course in Mechanics and Repair Technologies
  • Associate course in Pipe Drafting
  • Associate course in Tool Management

Pipe fitter Qualifications and Training

Pipe fitting is a technical job validated on the grounds of educational qualification and considerable amount of training. A candidate could be proficient in this field by two ways either by training or on job experiences. Therefore, training system like TPC lays down the training course and curriculum of the pipe-fitter candidates. Alternatively, Apprenticeship Pipe Trades AAS Program is another type of training which may be provided wherein apprentices learn the pipe fitting fundamentals while working on the job.

Pipe fitter Colleges and Universities

Pipe fitter Wages and Salary

The average salary of the pipe fitting professionals belongs in the range of $45,000 and $60,000 depending on the nature and severity of the pipe fitting service provided

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