Pipe Fitter Education Requirements

Pipe Fitter is required to install piping and also repair and fix it for cooling and heating systems. One has an option of specializing in installing and repairing a particular style of piping systems. A candidate must have quick problem solving ability and an eye for detail in order to handle the task of a pipe fitter properly.

Pipe fitters need to deal directly with the customers and this is the reason why they need to have the ability to deal with different kinds of customers. Along with this, it is essential to attend a relevant course in order to get into this position. The courses that one requires attending are mentioned below in detail.

Pipe Fitter Education Requirements:

  • A candidate aspiring to become a pipe fitter must ensure that he scores well in the high school.
  • There are various courses that train you to become a pipe fitter. You may enroll in any such course and score good grades in the same in order to get into this field.

Pipe Fitter Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • After acquiring a high school diploma it is suggested to enroll at an accredited technical school to attend a pipe fitting certificate program. Such courses teach math, different techniques of welding as well as blueprint reading.
  • You may enroll in courses that specialize in a particular field such as gas piping, pipe welding or electric piping based on your interest.

Pipe Fitter Qualification and Training:

There are various specialized training programs in pipe fitting which provide hands on experience in pipe fitting. One learns to use various tools and equipments for joining pipes and welding by attending such training programs.

Pipe Fitter Colleges and Universities

Pipe Fitter Wages and Salaries:

A pipe fitter may earn around $49,000 per annum. The salary may differ based on the organization you are employed at and also the city you are working in.

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