Physiotherapist Education and Job Requirements

Physiotherapist Requirements

A Physiotherapist is a person who treats your injury with the help of various body exercises and other physical treatments. A Physiotherapist designs an exercise schedule depending on the extent of injury. A schedule is normally of 3 or 4 weeks, however in case of serious injury can extend up to 3 or 4 months. A Physiotherapist mainly works in a hospital, clinic and health centers.

Physiotherapist Education Requirements:

  • Applicant need not required having a specific undergraduate degree, but pursuing a degree in Science may be a good option for future.
  • Candidate must hold a bachelor degree from a recognized university.
  • In some cases a letter of recommendation is required from a licensed physical therapist to get into a physical therapy program.
  • Some universities also offer autonomous or correspondence physiotherapy courses.

Physiotherapist Job Requirements:

  • Candidate must have complete knowledge about the muscles and the human body in      general
  • Candidate must be capable of collecting information about the patients.
  • Candidate must be capable of assisting supervisors in their work.
  • A candidate should be able to collect all the vital statistics relating to injury of the patients and develop a proper exercise regime.
  • Applicants must have sound English speaking skills along with knowledge of local language.
  • A candidate must be updated about the new techniques and technologies in the field of physiotherapy.

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