Physical Trainer Education Requirements

A Physical Trainer is an individual who provides physical and fitness training to people and are generally employed at health centers, gyms, fitness centers or may also be self employed. A physical trainer helps his/her client/clients to meet their physical or fitness goals by putting them through physical exercises and training on a regular basis. For this, the knowledge of physical training and an experience in this field are two prerequisites.

But apart from this, one might also need certain education requirements which provide the individual with the theoretical knowledge of the field. This education may also make the physical trainer understand the importance of the right exercises, the right diet and property regime. The following are the main requirements for a person to become a physical trainer.

Physical Trainer Education Requirements

  • In order to become a physical trainer, one might require valuable career instructions which can be gained through an associate degree program in the field of physical training.  This degree takes about 2 years to complete.
  • There are several other physical training courses as well which are offered by other training institutes. These courses generally impart education about one-on-one training sessions and teach about communication skills etc.

Physical Trainer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are some of the degrees and courses which can be taken up by an individual interested in becoming a physical trainer.

  • In order to become a physical trainer, high school level education is important.
  • Associates or bachelor’s degree in physical training from an accredited institute is also often asked for
  • One can also take up other short or long term physical trainer courses which cover a wide range of areas like communication skills, training sessions, importance of fitness etc.
  • For those who are self employed physical trainers, informal education may also help to get a grasp of the field.

Physical Trainer Qualification and Training

It is true that education is an important factor which must be considered in order to become a physical trainer, but apart from this, certain amount of training and experience is also a must. To gain training, physical trainers can train under experience trainers and then seek a job in a fitness center etc.

Physical Trainer Colleges and Universities

Physical Trainer Wages and Salaries

A physical trainer is most likely expected to earn an average median salary between $35000 and $75000 depending upon place of employment and level of work.

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