Physical Therapy Education Requirements

In order to become a physical therapist, one must have at least a graduate degree. Most employers will also prefer that the individual has a doctorate degree in physical therapy. This sort of job involves a lot of clinical procedures in order to provide relief to pain patients.

Physical therapy is also required for rehabilitation after accidents. There are colleges and universities which offer clinical rotations and coursework for students. There is also the additional need to get licensed in order to practice in this field.

Physical Therapy Education Requirements

  • Physical therapists need to have an area of study in the undergraduate level. He or she can choose anatomy, physiology or biology as the area of study as long as it is relevant to the field. One can also major in pre-physical therapy which includes physical and health education. This sort of courses includes physical education methods, physiology and personal wellness.
  • A graduate degree is necessary. There are doctorate and masters degree which require a certain GDP, and other test scores. One must also have volunteer hours. Doctor of Physical therapy program is a great way for students to understand the treatment and diagnosis. This covers various therapeutic applications.
  • Getting into a program like the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education will help in making one eligible to sit for the licensing exam with only a graduate degree.
  • One has to have a license which is obtained by taking the National Physical Therapy Examination. The laws are as per the state regulations and this varies across states.

Physical Therapy Degrees, Courses and Certification:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Anatomy and Physiology
  • Master’s Degree in Biology, Anatomy and Physiology
  • Doctor of Physical therapy
  • Certification from Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education
  • Licensing through the National Physical Therapy Examination

Physical Therapy Training and Qualification

Training is part of the educational courses which will involve full-time and part time clerkships. Students will have to deal with methods of rehabilitation, acute care and other physical therapy techniques. One will also observe the workplace in the early years. There will also be training on how to interact with different patients and understand their problems at large in order to form a proper diagnosis.

Physical Therapy Colleges and Universities

Physical Therapy Wages and Salaries

The wages of a physical therapist varies. Most private centers pay an hourly or weekly rate to the therapists. On an average, they are paid around $86,000 per annum.

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