Physical Therapy Training Requirements

Physical therapy training requirements are those skills and training that a person must receive if he wants to become a physical therapists and help patients with rehabilitation to make them more mobile and ease their movement. There are some educational and certification requirements that one must complete to show that he has received the right training for this job.

There are undergraduate courses and then one can study at the master’s and doctoral level, which must be followed by the certification test in order to be able to practice. These students have to do their internships under supervision before they can practice on their own.

What Are The Educational Requirements To Get Physical Therapy Training?

Here are a few courses that you have to pursue in order to get the necessary training in this field:

  • You must begin with an undergraduate course which focuses on medical subjects like biology, chemistry, physics or math
  • This has to be followed by a master’s degree in physical therapy (MPT) from an institute which has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education
  • After this, you have to go for the doctor of physical therapy or DPT which lasts three years and you get clinical experience in biomechanics, movement science, neurological physical therapy and other areas
  • You can also specialize in areas like electrophysiology or geriatric therapy

What Additional Training Is Needed In Physical Therapy Training?

  • Internships are very important in this field and you are allowed to do clinical internships during your graduate and doctoral studies
  • Some universities have the option where you can do your bachelor’s and DPT course in 5 years
  • Once you finish you studies, you must clear the National Physical Therapy Examination so that you can practice legally
  • You can also attend seminars and workshops on the latest techniques and technology associated with physical therapy to update your skills

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