Physical Therapy Course Requirements

A physical therapy course has certain requirements which must be fulfilled for a candidate or a student to become a licensed and practicing physiotherapist. Such a student must complete an undergraduate program in any of the Biological sciences such as Physiology, Anatomy, or in Physics and then pursue a course in physical therapy at the advanced Master’s or Doctoral level. Most states in the United States make it a prerequisite that a physical therapist will have at least a Master’s degree, as well as a valid license. Thus, a physical therapy course involves intense dedication, willingness to study as well as certain required trainings which must be completed at the undergraduate level. There is no single general entrance examination for such students although individual institutes may require that students pass an entrance examination.

What physical therapy courses are offered by physical therapy institutes?

The student must complete the following courses as part of the physical therapy course requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Anatomy, Bio-Physics, Physics or Physiology
  • Master’s degree in Physical Therapy
  • Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy [optional]

What is there to study in a physical therapy course?

A physical therapy Master’s degree course or advanced course requires that candidates must complete an intensive and exhaustive study of the following aspects in order to grasp the basic concepts of the course:

  • Kinesiology
  • Neuroscience
  • Orthopedic
  • Musculoskeletal Science
  • Physical Therapy [PT] course for pediatrics

Apart from these, a prospective physical therapist must also obtain a thorough knowledge of the machines which are commonly used to treat children, geriatric and other patients. The course requirements also include a degree of practical application and hence practical classes are also part of any PT course in a reputable institution.

What should you do to get into a “physical therapy” course?

  • A physical therapy student, before enrolling, must obtain a graduate degree in any of the Biological sciences with courses completed in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. After this, he can enter a physical therapy institute for an advanced degree which is a must in case he wishes to practice in America. The Master’s degree is a two year course with classroom learning in the first year and clinical training or fieldwork in the second year. The Doctorate degree is of three years in duration.
  • For students who have already obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy, another way of entering the course is to obtain a transitional Master’s degree or a transitional Doctorate degree.

What research option you can have ahead in the field of physical therapy?

A prospective physical therapist can have excellent research options by going in for a Doctorate degree. It is an emerging field and thus, there is plenty of development still to come. Such a student may either complete research with a company or a clinic or as part of the more traditional system of university or college fellowship.

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