Physical Therapy College Requirements

Physical therapy college requirements are the set of academic prerequisites that a candidate must fulfill to become an eligible candidate for admission in a physical therapy college. Physical therapy colleges offer masters and doctorate degrees in physical therapy. For getting into a physical therapy college to pursue the masters and doctorate degrees you need to complete your bachelor’s degree of four years from an accredited college.

Most of the accredited universities which offer physical therapy programs have their own set of procedures that you must fulfill for pursuing your master’s and doctorate level courses from there. Candidates who have completed their bachelor’s degree with major subjects like mathematics, anatomy or science are eligible for admissions in physical therapy colleges. The college that you are going to join for Physical therapy studies must be accredited by American Physical Therapy Association.

What should one do to get into an Physical therapy college?

You need to first select the university from which you want to complete your Physical therapy master’s or doctorate’s degree and then you have to apply to it to get in there for Physical therapy studies. The application procedure comprises of two techniques – the Common Application form sent through mail and the online submission of application forms. In the case of an online application, the form has to be filled up and sent along with the application materials at the earliest to reach the University’s Admissions Office on time.

You can pursue two types of courses from a Physical therapy college – Master of physical therapy (M.P.T.) or the Doctor of physical therapy (D.P.T.)

Master of physical therapy (M.P.T.) requirements

  • You become eligible for MPT course after completing your bachelor’s degree with any of these major subjects – Mathematics, Science, anatomy, physical therapy.
  • After completing Master of physical therapy (M.P.T.) you can also appear for state licensing exam.
  • Since there is no undergraduate degree course in physical therapy, you must possess good knowledge about the human anatomy and medical science to be eligible  to join Master’s course in physical therapy.

Doctor of physical therapy (D.P.T.) requirements

  • You become eligible for DPT course after completion of your undergraduate program from an accredited college or university. The major subjects for your undergraduate program must be physics; anatomy, physiology, chemistry and biology.
  • A minimum score of 800 on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required and must be included in application materials.
  • You can also join DPT course after completing your MPT course.

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