Physical Therapist Education Requirements

Knowledge and on-job experiences are the two important prerequisites for the individuals to acquire a physical therapist position in an organization. However, it also depends upon the area of providing the service. Therefore, a formal education on physical therapy helps to build the proficient skills of handling patients and rehabilitating them from their disability due to fractures, back pain, head injuries or heart diseases.

Aligned with it, certain techniques and latest implications on this field could be best known through on-hand experiences. This helps to improve limit or prevent the physical disabilities and promote overall health and fitness.

Physical Therapist Education Requirements

  • Formal education or a graduation degree in related subject of physical therapy helps to culminate a doctor of Physical Therapy. This could be achieved through a (DPT) degree or by graduating in Science with specialization in Physiotherapy.
  •  Associate degree or diploma in Pre-clinical subjects is an inevitable way to enhance the career opportunities. This helps the individual to understand the Anatomy and Physiology of a human body more extensively.
  • Certification in clinical practice on setting up a physical therapy clinic, or related internships can also contribute as an important point. This helps the concern individual to understand the need of the particular field and how to tackle different disabilities of the patients.
  • However, an aspirant physical therapist needs to pass in National Physical Therapy Examination for practicing.

Physical Therapist Degrees, Courses, Certifications

An aspiring physical therapist must possess certain enlisted degrees and certification in order to contribute for the healthcare sector effectively.

  • Bachelor of Science- Physiotherapy [3 years program]
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy(BPT) [4years program]
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Associate degree or diploma in DPT
  • Internship Certification-Lymphedema Treatment, Orthopedic Courses, Clinical Physiotherapy
  • License Certification- National Physical Therapy Examination

Physical Therapist Qualifications and Trainings

In order to ensure a recognized position in this field one need to add up extra qualification in their resume by pursuing master’s degree. Undergoing masters degree program in Physiotherapy would also help an individual to explore various opportunities in this field. Training is an imperative alternative for acquiring knowledge in this field as well. On-hand training programs on Spinal Cord and Brain Injury System, Bionic Medicine, Care-Based learning etc helps to focus on rehabilitating patients in effective ways.

Physical Therapist Colleges and Universities

Physical Therapist Wages and Salary:

The salary of a physical therapist varies according to his area of providing therapy and organization with whom he is attached. However it is generally between $25,000 – $58,000 in a year.

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