Photographic Technician’s Education and Job Requirements

Photographic Technician’s Requirements

Although photography is a creative medium, there are a lot of technicalities involved in the shooting of a photo, using different applications of the camera, and developing the photo, which ultimately make the pictures look good. A photographic technician helps in doing so. He doesn’t have to be in the field taking the photos, but usually works in a photography lab to process them.

Photographic Technician’s Education Requirements

  • A photographic technician needs to have a degree or diploma or some kind of vocational training in the development of images
  • There are some online courses available which one may pursue
  • Usually, a high school degree is enough in this field and most of the work is learnt by them on the job
  • He should have the basic knowledge of the maintenance and operation of photography equipment

Photographic Technician’s Job Requirements:

  • The photographic technician processes film from different sources — digital and film based, and develops pictures from the negatives
  • Most of them work in retail shops that offer photographic developing to customers
  • They print photographs but if required may have to take still and moving pictures
  • They need to edit, retouch, enlarge, and transfer printed photographs to CDs or DVDs

Thus these are the education and job requirements for being a photographic technician.

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