Photograph developer’s Education and Job Requirements

Photograph Developer’s Requirements

A photographer scouts for locations and clicks pictures but one can see those images only when they are in our hands, and that is where the job of the photograph developer comes in. Sometimes some photographer’s do the task of developing as well, but usually a technical expert is required who brings out the image from the negative to the positive prints.

Photograph developer’s  Education Requirements

  • A photography developer can undergo some vocational training that will help him learn about the various technical details of operating the photo processing machines
  • Most of the work is learnt on the job, and so retail outlets may even hire high school graduates
  • Educational qualifications are not very important here, however one must be aware of the various technicalities of the operation and maintenance of the photography equipment

Photograph developer’s  Job Requirements:

  • A photograph developer processes exposed photographic film in a series of chemical and water baths to produce negative or positive prints
  • He has to immerse the negative paper, film, or print in hyposolution to fix the image
  • He must dry the prints or negatives, using sponge or a mechanical dryer
  • He produces color photographs, negatives and slides using different chemicals and color reproduction processes

Thus above are the given requirements in terms of education and job with respect to photograph developer.

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