Photo Journalist Education and Job Requirements

Photo Journalist Requirements

Photojournalism is a challenging field where in one needs to depict the entire story with just one picture. These professionals get relevant pictures to give the face to the body of the News. One needs to collect the related pictures to showcase along with the news. They also do photo shoot at different companies in order to market their products. The photos captures by a photojournalist gets captured in the news papers and magazines and sometimes in the television as well. At times a journalist will have to edit and develop film, color correct photos and prepare them for publication.

Educational Requirements

  • A career in photojournalism requires an undergraduate degree and hands-on experience.
  • To enter into this profession one must get bachelor’s degrees in photography.
  • Good experience in working in photo lab or a computer lab.
  • It may advantage a photojournalist to have some sort of experience in graphic design as well due to the advancement in the technology.
  • Internship from a good institute can be of great help.

Job Requirements

  • The candidate must know to do computer editing and perfecting pictures for publications.
  • He should have 2-3 years of relevant work experience.
  • Must be willing to rotational shifts or for the night shifts.
  • He should be able to perform under high pressure and he should coordinate with people from different departments.
  • Photojournalists have to be aware of legal issues that go with taking and publishing pictures, and get permission from necessary persons before publishing them.

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