Pharmacy Technician Education and Job Requirements

Pharmacy Technician  Requirements

Pharmacy Technicians are a part of the large pharmacy business and they are known to assist full time licensed pharmacists in their daily duties.  A Pharmacy Technician can undertake compounding duties, administer drugs and guide patients on the behalf of a pharmacist. At time he also overlooks various health insurance programs on behalf of the patients. A Pharmacy technician plays a diverse role covering all aspects of the healthcare business. Due to this wide exposure candidates who practice this profession generally have lots of opening in this industry

Pharmacy Technician Educational qualification:

  • · Candidate should be a graduate in any stream
  • · Candidates with relevant experience will be preferred
  • · Candidates should have working knowledge about drugs and health care norms

Pharmacy Technician Job Requirements:

  • Applicant should be able to work with great precision
  • Applicant should be responsible and should behave in a mature manner while dealing with patients
  • Applicant should have good communication skills, so that he could explain the details of medication to the patients
  • Applicant should be computer literate, with a good mathematical background, so that he can analyze and store important information accurately.

A person should have great amount of dedication, and passion in the healthcare business if he wishes to do well in this industry.

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